"I'd just like to thank everyone who made this forum the fantastic place that it was. Starting from my youngest being just 4 months old, we had an amazing 3 years. We've watched people come and go and made some brilliant memories and, even though it's time to say goodbye, I've come to see that TBJ is not so much a place but the people who inhabited it and it is my hope that our happy little group will stick together for many years to come.

Thank you for making it all worthwhile x"

- Elle, Owner of TBJ

"I will always remember the labour beads, the support I got in my mission for a homebirth even after 42weeks. I conceived and birthed my 2nd baby with your support and my first was a titchy 2 month old when I started here. It has shaped me more than any single source around. I made friends and gained love and support that is very dear to me seeing that my family is across the ocean.

There have been rocky times but that is true in all families. Those that stay friends through fights will be stronger than before and were the true friends to begin with. I think that's what we were left with in the end and I glad to know you all."

- ILoveMyLamb

"I'd like to thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, (or should I say, anus...) for being there for me during one of the hardest and most frightening times of my life - the Jaggy Jobby Incident. On a more serious note...what a cracking bunch of people you all are, and thank you for having me."

- Kate

"You don't have to be crazy to post here, but it helps!

Love ya all!

P.S. There really is no such thing as TMI."

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- InTheClouds

"Bye TBJ, it has been fun! I really hope we can all stay in touch after the forums have gone!"

- Xanthus

"This place has been a massive support to me during the hardest period of my life and has been an important part in my rethinking how I view life and the world generally and I'm incredibly grateful for that. Love all you guys and am so happy we'll be staying in contact xxx "

- Lu

"I don't know what to say! I've not been around this forum for as long as most people, but I've come to really value it. I've made good friends and had lots of support from some amazing ladies (and Rambo), and I'm so very grateful for that. Bye bye bundle jungle! xxxx "

- Ruthiecc

"Feeling teary here too, looking back on old threads. I really do feel privileged to have shared so much of your lives and to have always had TBJ to turn to and know that people here would 'get it' in regards to my approach to parenting, even when the rest of the world felt against us.

Thanks for being such a smashing little village."

- Nat

"Tbj has been in my life since the start and its been great! I don't really know what to say, sad it's going but the friends I've made will be around for a while I hope! Bye bye tbj!!! X x "

- Twinkle Toes